DynaClose® Strips - Skin Closure

DynaStretch® Strips - Skin Expansion

DynaClose Strips  

Wound Closure & Retraction Prevention

DynaClose strips are designed to close skin defects up to 5cm in width. The strips are clear elastomeric anchored by an adhesive fabric tape on either side. They provide an easy and non-invasive method to close retracted or dehisced wounds.


  • Dynamically move as skin stretches.
  • Provide gentle, consistent force.
  • Return wound edges to their original position in delayed primary closure.
  • Close wounds without grafts or negative pressure.
  • Highly breathable, painless removal.


            DynaClose Strips Available In:

     DWC24 DynaClose (0.5 x 4.5”) 

  • Small DynaClose Strips (4/pk) 
  • Qty: 60 (15 packs/set)

       DWC38 DynaClose (0.75 x 8.5”) 

  • Large DynaClose Strips (4/pk) 
  • Qty: 60 (15 packs/set)

DynaStretch Strips  

Pre-Surgical Skin Expansion

DynaStretch strips are designed to provide external pre-surgical skin expansion over an area of planned excision up to 5cm wide. New surplus skin may be consistent with the surrounding tissue and can be used to span a tissue defect created by surgical excision.


  • Easily and painlessly create pre-surgical skin depot.
  • Induce mechanical stretch and biological creep.  
  • Non-invasive, simple to apply and adjust.
  • Do not hinder patient mobility.
  • Eliminate multistage surgical procedures; improve cosmetic results.

    DSX24 DynaStretch (0.5 x 4.5”) 

  • Small DynaStretch Strips (4/pk) 
  • Qty: 60 (15 packs/set)

    DSX38 DynaStretch (0.75 x 8.5”) 

  • Large DynaStretch Strips (4/pk) 
  • Qty: 60 (15 packs/set)


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