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nPlane RAS Device
nPlane RAS Device

nPlane™ Rhinoplasty Appliance System

Part Number: CR5600
Availability: Available Summer 2024
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Correct & Improve Nasal Asymmetries

• 4 Sizes for Sequential Activation
• Improve & Maintain Nostril Shape
• Approximate Alveolar Segments
• Elongation of Columella
• Prevent Tissue Collapse
• Controlled Nasal Tip Projection

The nPlane RAS Rhinoplasty Appliance System was designed by Dr. Martha Mejia to correct the patient’s caudal nasal septal deviation, improve the nostril circumference and columellar length, elevate the nasal tip, and approximate the soft and hard tissue borders of the cleft defect. 

It specifically addresses the vertical and transverse asymmetries of the nose, displacing the septum and nostrils to a more physiological and aesthetic position before surgery and maintains the correction of the nasal cartilage, to avoid its collapse after surgery.

Product Info:
CR5610 - Unilateral Left Kit
CR5615 - Unilateral Right Kit
CR5620 - Bilateral Left Kit
CR5625 - Bilateral Right Kit

Patent US20070219575A1