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nFlare™ Nasal Conformer and Stent

Part Number: CR5520
Availability: In Stock
Symmetrical Sizes Available in June 2023
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The nFlare™ Nasal Retainers help position and shape the nostrils and septum while maintaining an open airway. The nFlare retainers can be
placed pre-surgically to help shape the septum and nostril. Post-surgically they can be used to maintain the surgical correction, shape the tissues,
stent the airway, support healing, and minimize scarring.

The nFlare Nasal Retainers are made of flexible medical silicone, and available in sizes 0 to 14. They can be ordered with symmetrical or
asymmetrical sizing in each size. Custom retainers can be produced in additional shapes, sizes, or in a rigid material.

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