A sample protocol for PNF stretching of the Jaw.

Posted by Rob Christensen on 11/8/2010 to Jaw Function, Trismus, and Jaw Therapies
The CRAC 5-5-30 is an aggressive stretching protocol for the jaw to help overcome trismus with a TheraBite or OraStretch® press.  It updates the standard 5-5-30 or 7-7-7 protocol by incorporating a PNF CRAC (Contract-Relax with Antagonist Contract) stretching session.

Aggressive Stretching Techniques to Overcome your Trismus!

Posted by Rob Christensen on 11/4/2010 to Head & Neck Cancer, Radiation Therapy
PNF is a very powerful stretching technique, originally used by Eastern European gymnasts.  It utilizes both stretching and mobilizing the surrounding muscles to improve the strength and flexibility of the tight joint.  PNF stretching is reviewed by James Scifers in the article "The Truth about PNF Techniques" in Advance magazine.