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CranioRehab Online Prescribing and New Sanitizing Products

To simplify ordering please access our online Rx-Order form at CranioRehab.com/OnlineOrderForm to order:
the OraStretch® press, Salvate™ Oral Hydration system, TheraPacer™ Jaw mobilizer, and DynaCleft® products. 
A copy of our Rx-Order form is available online: CranioRehab.com/ProDownloads

Additionally, our partner Forward Science is now manufacturing hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant. 
Use our Forward Science Sanitizer and Disinfectant Form to order with a credit card, or call us for more info.
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CranioRehab Update and Research Refresh

CranioRehab Update & Research Refresh. Review "Correlation Between Radiation Dose to Pterygoid and Masseter Muscles with Trismus" and "Successful Rehab of Facial Burns Using Jaw Motion Rehab Systems Including the OraStretch Press". Learn about CranioRehab products.
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What To Ask Before Facial, Cosmetic Or Any Surgery To Insure Post Operative Success

Your surgery should be as important to your Surgeon as it is to you!  Plastic surgeon Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez has some great recommendations for discussing recovery and preparing for the surgery on his blog.  Read more to see some of his insights. 
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Great Advice on Heat and Cold Therapy with Stretching. Use on the face and jaw.

Here is a good article on the using hot and cold therapies to help people reduce pain and swelling, and to improve range-of-motion. It has some great footnoted points on dealing with acute and soft-tissue injuries.

Secret Agents on ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine
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Welcome and Hello

Welcome to the blog for CranioMandibular Rehab, Inc. and Craniorehab.com. To start off on a good note:

Hospital Paperwork Reduces Man's Reading Comprehension To First-Grade Level | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

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