Trismus Prevention and Treatment for Head & Neck for Cancer and Radiation Patients - Presentation at ASHA 2016

Posted by Rob Christensen on 11/21/2016 to TheraBite System
At the 2016 national ASHA convention, we presented on "Trismus Prevention and Treatment for Head & Neck for Cancer and Radiation Patients." Here we provide a copy of the slides for the presentaion and the handout from the session.

Webinar on Trismus and Xerostomia for the Head & Neck Cancer Patient

Posted by Rob Christensen on 1/29/2015 to Xerostomia, Dry Mouth
We have posted our first user-controlled webinar presentation about Head and Neck Cancer Rehabilitation Webinar, including information on trismus, xerostomia, the OraStretch press and TheraBite system.

Learn about diagnosing trismus, when to order a jaw motion rehab system for prevention of trismus, how to order, treatment options for xerostomia and more.

Medicare Coverage for the TheraBite System

Posted by Rob Christensen on 10/16/2014 to TheraBite System
Medicare Coverage for the TheraBite System
Medicare coverage for the Therabite system has changed. It is no longer being billed to Medicare, and patients will have to purchase the device direct.

How do I clean pads on the TheraBite system? How do I apply or replace the bitepads? I do I remove them? Here is a guide with tips and tricks.

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 8/28/2013 to TheraBite System
Need instructions on how to apply, clean, remove, and replace the bitepads on your Therabite device?

Here are instructions on how to best use the ATOS TheraBite pads.

Why can't I Suck out of a Straw after Wisdom Teeth Removal and Oral Surgeires?

Why Your Oral Surgeon Tells You Not To Use A Straw After Oral Surgery Procedures?

Recovery Advice for having your Wisdom Teeth Pulled.

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 8/12/2013 to Surgical Recovery - Jaw, Facial, Oral, Cosmetic, Orthognathic
Preparation Advice from the Tooth Fairy for after your wisdom tooth or third molar Extraction. Tips,

What is included with the TheraBite System? An overview of the device, its parts, and what they do.

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 8/7/2013 to TMJ Disorder - TMD
Learn more about what is included in the TheraBite jaw motion rehab system, including parts and their purposes.

Warning: TMD “Diagnostic Tools” Proven To Be Inaccurate

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 8/1/2013 to TMJ Disorder - TMD
Does your doctor want to charge you to use EMG, Kinesiography, or Sonography to study or diagnose your TMJ disorder? You might want to get a second opinion.

A new study shows that many electronic diagnostic devices were no better than clinical exams at diagnosing TMJ disorder (TMD).

Do I have to go to the Dentist every six months? Should I?

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 7/29/2013 to Oral Hygiene
Should I go to the dentist every 6 months? How often should I go?

You probably don't need to go that often, but high risk adults, should maybe go even more often. How often should you go?

Don't risk infection, Most People aren't Washing their Hands or are Doing it Wrong. Are you?

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 7/26/2013 to Oral Hygiene
Do You Wash Your Hands after using the Bathroom?

Most of us don't. New studies show that we often do not wash our hands correctly, or AT ALL.

food poising from dirty hands sickens some 24 million people a year. If you're in the hospital for surgery, chemo, radiation, trauma, or to visit the doctor, you often have a weakened immune system and are at heightened risk for infections. Learn more about how often others fail, and how you can better protect yourself.

Breakfast Blitz Smoothie. Protein with great seeds and fruit.

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 7/15/2013 to Surgical Recovery - Jaw, Facial, Oral, Cosmetic, Orthognathic
This is a nutritious breakfast smoothie you can put in your travel mug and enjoy on your commute!  Its got fruit, yogurt, flax, ginseng and almonds.  Yum!

Constipation? Popeye’s Power Smoothie

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 6/26/2013 to NutriSqueeze™ Pouches and Bottles
As a surgical nurse for many years a common patient complaint is “constipation,” an extremely common side effect of pain medications.

Hopefully Popeye’s power will do the trick with lots of fiber, and most importantly: great taste!

Peak Of Freshness!! Strawberry Lime Smoothies

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 6/19/2013 to Liquid & Soft Diets and Recipes
Spring’s freshest berries make this smoothie drink irresistible!!

Is Our PAIN Visible??

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 6/12/2013 to TMJ Disorder - TMD
“Subjectivity” is the main issue when asked the question: Are you having any pain”? Now researchers can see where and how pain acts in your brain.

Summer Fresh Mango Smoothie

Posted by Linda Van Rossen on 6/12/2013 to Liquid & Soft Diets and Recipes
Treat yourself to this yummi-licious blend of mango, pineapple,banana and honey.

Tips for Great Oral and Dental Care for Patients with Disabilities

Posted by Rob Christensen on 6/10/2013 to TheraBite System
Problems with dental care? Quest, the magazine for the MDA Foundation, had a great article by Bill Greenberg with tips and ideas on how to maintain good oral health in people with neuromuscular disease, muscular distrophy, trismus and other disabilities. Tips include special toothbrushes, finding a dentist, and treating trismus.

Need TMJ Relief? Here are Some Easy Self Massage Tips

Posted by Linda Shafto on 6/6/2013 to TMJ Disorder - TMD
TMJ pain is unpredictable and can strike at anytime, and anywhere. Knowing a few tricks to relieve your pain is essential to your comfort and life’s enjoyment.

A Dry Mouth Remedy: Mouth Kote

Posted by Linda Shafto Van Rossen on 2/15/2013 to Xerostomia, Dry Mouth
Dry Mouth RemedtI was recently contacted by a friend of mine, who's Mom was suffering from severe dry mouth as a result of chemo and radiation therapy. She had tried all the usual remedies and could find nothing that gave her true relief for more then a few moments.  But I had something for her to try...

My Salagen Experience: Too Much Saliva vs. Not enough

Posted by Linda Shafto-Van Rossen on 10/8/2012 to Xerostomia, Dry Mouth
drooling babyAs a patient with Lupus and Sjogren's syndrome, I am always looking for a relief to some of the symptoms.  I recently went for my routine 6 month check up with my rheumatologist.

Dry Mouth is a major issue for me, so when visiting my doctor I mentioned it to him, and he gave me a prescription for Salagen (pilocarpine) 5 mg. Normal dosing is one 10 mg. pill 3 times-a-day.

Don't recognize that Measurement? Using an international recipe? Here's some help coverting from US to Metric measurements.

Posted by Linda Shafto on 7/19/2012 to Liquid & Soft Diets and Recipes
measuring cupml., cc., oz.,lb., gm.,qt.,pt.,C., Tbsp., or a pinch?  All are symbols, weights and measurements we use to cook and combined ingredients.  When I was a kid we measured in pounds (lb) ounces (oz) and cups (C).  With our changing globalized society we are now seeing more and adapting to the international, or metric measuring system.

Very Berry Nutritious Smoothy

Posted by Linda Shafto on 7/18/2012 to NutriSqueeze™ Pouches and Bottles
very Berry Nutritious SmoothyThis smoothy is always a big hit for a breakfast on the go, with a whole frozen banana and wheat germ to help jump start your day!

Cool and Easy Summer Nutrition: Smooth Tomato Gaspacho Soup

Posted by Linda Shafto on 7/6/2012 to NutriSqueeze™ Pouches and Bottles
Smooth Tomato Gazpacho SoupSoup anyone?  :)  My favorite any time of year! The more adventuresome the better. This recipe is from Martha Stewart's Living Magazine Aug. 2011. It is a really easy chop and blend recipe with no cooking required. So full of goodness and flavor...  click ahead for full recipe.

Maxillolfacial Jaw Surgery Speedy Recovery Tips

After his surgery, Graham created an awesome list of Recovery Tips on his blog, including both pre-surgery to-do's and after the surgery advice. 

Is the steroid Dexamethasone effective when injected into the TMJ?

Posted by Linda Shafto on 6/18/2012 to TMJ Disorder - TMD
A new double-blind study at University of Groningen showed no increased effectiveness of Dexamethasone to improve TMJ arthrocentesis.

Explaining Your Symptoms: Tips from a Family Physician

Posted by Linda Shafto on 6/15/2012 to General Medical and Dental Information
When it comes to visiting our Doctors and Emergency Rooms some patients overly down-play their symptoms.  Rod Moser, PA, PhD has a great piece on WebMD on how to be more accurate and precise when explaining our symptoms for an improved diagnosis and treatment.