OraStretch Press vs. Therabite. A Testimonial from Dave Y.

Posted by Rob Christensen on 1/3/2018 to OraStretch Press
We received a really nice testimonial about our service and the OraStretch press from Dave Y. Dave recently switched to the OraStretch press, and says, compared to the TheraBite, he really prefers the OraStretch press because it is smaller and easier to use. He also wrote us to commend our billing staff as being "kind and empathizing with the customer." Thanks Dave!

A Dry Mouth Remedy: Mouth Kote

Posted by Linda Shafto Van Rossen on 2/15/2013 to Head & Neck Cancer, Radiation Therapy
Dry Mouth RemedtI was recently contacted by a friend of mine, who's Mom was suffering from severe dry mouth as a result of chemo and radiation therapy. She had tried all the usual remedies and could find nothing that gave her true relief for more then a few moments.  But I had something for her to try...