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SutureSafe® Strips - Improve Cosmetic Outcomes & Prevent Dehiscence

SutureSafe is an improvement over static tape to support closed wounds, particularly for areas of increased movement. 

It dynamically bridges and supports closure of surgical incisions, allowing a cushion of skin movement while still pulling

the wound margins together with gentle appositional traction. 

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CranioRehab Online Prescribing and New Sanitizing Products

To simplify ordering please access our online Rx-Order form at CranioRehab.com/OnlineOrderForm to order:
the OraStretch® press, Salvate™ Oral Hydration system, TheraPacer™ Jaw mobilizer, and DynaCleft® products. 
A copy of our Rx-Order form is available online: CranioRehab.com/ProDownloads

Additionally, our partner Forward Science is now manufacturing hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant. 
Use our Forward Science Sanitizer and Disinfectant Form to order with a credit card, or call us for more info.
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CranioRehab Update and Research Refresh

CranioRehab Update & Research Refresh. Review "Correlation Between Radiation Dose to Pterygoid and Masseter Muscles with Trismus" and "Successful Rehab of Facial Burns Using Jaw Motion Rehab Systems Including the OraStretch Press". Learn about CranioRehab products.
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Cleft Lip & Palate - A Quick Primer

What is a cleft lip? What is a cleft palate? What causes these openings to occur? What are the risk factors for cleft lip/cleft palate? What are the health implications? Learn more, including diagnosis and treatment options.
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