Welcome to CranioMandibular Rehab, Inc.

We specialize in providing rehab and comfort products for the head, neck, jaw, and mouth. We provide unique products not widely available, and we work with you, your doctor, and your insurance as necessary to provide you the best service and products.

With a prescription, we will bill insurance for covered products. Please visit our Have a Prescription page for more information on how to begin this process. 

For patients without a prescription: many products do not require a prescription or order.  For more information on prescription requirements and insurance, obtaining a prescription, and ordering without a prescription, visit our No Prescription page. 

Do you have an upcoming sugery or radiation treatments to the jaw or face?  Visit our Upcoming Surgery page for more information on preparation, what to expect, recovery, and rehabilitation. 

Have insurance questions?  Coverage? In-Network? Coinsurance? Medicare? Visit our Insurance Questions page for more details. 

We can ship limited orders internationally.  Please visit our International Orders page for more information and shipping options.