SutureSafe® Strips

 Improve Cosmetic Outcomes & Prevent Dehiscence with a

                  Low-Tension Healing Environment

What are SutureSafe Strips?

SutureSafe is an improvement over static tape to support closed wounds, particularly 

for areas of increased movement. It dynamically bridges and supports closure of surgical 

incisions, allowing a cushion of skin movement while still pulling the wound margins together 

with gentle appositional traction.

Suggested Areas: Breast, Face, Neck, Arm, Chest, Groin & Near Joints


  • Reduces surgical deshicence and bolsters harvest site incisions.
  • Reduces scar size and decreases hypertrophic scaring.
  • Supportive & kind to irradiated skin.
  • Place over sutures and staples.  
  • Ripstop bridge limits extension.
  • Adhesive fabric tape distributes forces across a large surface area.

SutureSafeIn Action   

            Case 1: Skin Graft Wound Dehiscence

FTSG SutureSafe Case

                    SutureSafe Strips Available In:

 DWS12 SutureSafe (0.5 x 4.5”)             DWS14 SutureSafe (0.75 x 8.5")

 - Small SutureSafe Strips (10/pack)           - Large Suture Safe Strips (10 pack)

- Qty: 30 (3 packs/set)                             - Qty: 30 (3 packs/set)

Case 2: Post-Op Inguinal Hernia with SutureSafe Strips

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