Oral Mucositis occurs in up to 80% of HNC irradiated patients!

What is oral mucositis (OM)?

Mucositis is the inflammation, ulceration and associated pain of the digestive tract. 

The oral mucosa is especially vulnerable to chemotherapy and radiation with OM,

commonly impacting speech and swallowing negatively.

When does OM occur and how long does it last?

Mucositis is an acute response to  chemotherapy & radiation typically occurring 5-10 days after treatment begins. It may last 6+ weeks.

OM Treatment & Management:
  • Basic oral care & hygiene
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking & irritating foods
  • Topical Pain Relievers  (Lidocaine, Benzedrine, Dyclonine HCl)
  • Supersaturated Calcium Phosphate Rinses


Complications of OM Include: 

  • Oral pain 
  • Limiting nutritional intake
  • Limit/interrupting treatment
  • Risk of increased infection, dysphagia


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Date 12/19/2021

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