1. TheraPacer™ Jaw Mobilizer - Oral Interface
TheraPacer Oral Interface
TheraPacer Oral Interface

TheraPacer™ Jaw Mobilizer - Oral Interface

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Designed to mobilize the most acute patients after surgeries affecting the temporomandibular joint. The Therapacer Mobilizer mobilizes the patients jaw for a speedier, less painful recovery and improved function, especially for those patients unable to use other jaw motion rehab device or not responding to alternative physical therapy and rehab devices. The system provides easy programmable therapy, is transportable, hospital safe, and responsive to patients clenching and muscle spasms.

The TherapacerPacer™ Jaw Mobilization system is a quiet, lightweight, computer-controlled device that provides customized therapy to patients recovering from joint dysfunction, trauma, fibrotic ankylosis, and craniofacial disorders. 

The TheraPacer device is a effective and safe choice for your joint rehabilitation and recovery. It offers stress-relaxation stretch (or static progressive stretch) therapy for patients suffering from tight tissues and scarring. Stress-relaxation stretching incrementally increasing and holding joint stretches to elongate the tissues around the jaw for increased range-of-motion.

It is transportable and can be used in the home or workplace. The TheraPacer devicess are hospital safe and offers programmable therapy protocols.

  • Designed for in-home therapy
  • Increased range-of-motion (ROM)
  • Nourishes joint tissues
  • Reduces post-surgical and chronic joint pain
  • Improves jaw function and chewing cycle
  • Conservative, non-traumatic therapy
  • Patient compliance is recorded and printable
  • Arthofibrosis
  • Ankylosis
  • Recurring Ankylosis
  • Craniofacial disorders
  • TMJ - Total Joint Replacement
  • Arthroscopy or Arthroplasty
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Severe Arthritis or Scleroderma
  • Trismus
  • Burns 
  • Severe TMJD

Sample Protocols

Static Stretching:

Insert mouthpieces and increase opening to a light stretch.  Hold for 30 min.  Repeat 3 times each day.

Joint Motion Therapy:

Post-surgery – Use as much as possible, continuously as tolerated for first two weeks
For Recovery – Run device 4-6 hours per day, the more the better.

Stress Relaxation Stretching:

For increased ROM - Increase start point to a light stretch, hold for 5 minutes, increase again and repeat for 30 mins. Perform these stretches 3 times a day.