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Standard Bitepads
Standard Bitepads

OraStretch® Press Bite Pads Pack - PEDIATRIC

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Foam pads for the Pediatric OraStretch press™ device.
Part Number: CR1055
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Packs include 4 pads.
Bitepads for the PEDIATRIC OraStretch press jaw motion rehab system.  Each pack contains 4 pads.  The OraStretch press bitepads have adhesive on the back and are placed onto the mouthpieces of the OraStretch press system.  The pads form to fit the users teeth and create a semi-custom fit for the system. 

Pediatric pads are 1/8" thick.  Thicker, softer pads for patients with dentures or those missing significant sections of teeth are also available in the edentulous pad packs for the standard size system, and can be cut to use with the standard or pediatric device. 

Bitepads do not need to be replaced unless they become torn or pull off from the mouthpiece.  Keep the pads and mouthpiece clean by rinsing them off and letting them dry after use.  (Do no get the whole device wet, just the mouthpieces.)  Or if debris collects on the pads, gently brush them with your toothbrush and a tiny dot of toothpaste, and rinse.   You can also dip the mouthpieces and pads into mouthwash and then let them dry for a refresher. 

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