The OraStretch press Product Information

The OraStretch press jaw motion rehab system is a handheld unit designed to stretch a user's jaw to treat trismus, dysfunction and hypomobility. The device uses passive motion to stretch the user's jaw, joint and facial tissues for increased mobility, flexibility, and function.

The OraStretch press device provides a curved, anatomically correct stretch for patients to treat or rehabilitate their jaw and temporomandibular joint. The OraStretch press can be used for stretching, passive motion, and muscle strengthening. By utilizing the OraStretch press, a user can increase their range-of-motion, improve their jaw and joint function, and reduce swelling and pain.

Equipment Warranty Information
Every product sold by our company carries at least a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We will notify all patients of the warranty coverage, and we will honor all warranties under applicable law. CranioRehab will repair or replace, free of charge, covered equipment that is under warranty. In addition, an owner’s manual with warranty information is included with the product. CranioRehab does not warranty any issues caused by normal wear-and-tear or patient abuse or neglect.

Routinely Purchased Items Notification
The OraStretch press is only sold as a single-patient-use item and is a routinely purchased item. The OraStretch press cannot be returned after it has been opened or used. I have received instructions and agree to purchase the equipment as a NEW routinely purchased item.

OraStretch press Instructions

The OraStretch press is a jaw motion rehab system, which prevent and treat trismus, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, and facial trauma; and are used for rehabilitation of the jaw after surgery. Jaw motion rehab systems use passive motion to mobilize the joint and stretch the tissues of the jaw and face.

Instructions for Therapy:

• Insert mouthpieces between the teeth.
• Squeeze the handle and hold to press the mouth and jaw open
• Release and pause.
• Repeat squeeze and release as instructed in the user’s protocol.
• To end: Remove, rinse mouthpieces and allow to dry.

General Suggestions:
• Relax, and don’t stretch too hard. Overstretching can tear or damage tissue. Stretch slow and easy.
• Stop immediately and contact your doctor if you experience any sharp pain during use.
• Apply the pads one hour before use to set the adhesive.
• Use it every day. Your recover depends on your commitment to rehabilitation.

Please see the OraStretch Press Instruction Manual included with the device for more information on usage, care, cleaning, cautions, warnings, and warranty information. Also, feel free to call us with any questions on use or care of your OraStretch press jaw motion rehab system.

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