Medicare is divided between traditional Medicare and the newer Medicare+Choice (or Medicare Advantage plans). These two plan styles are dramatically different in their methods of coverage. Please see the plan style that corresponds to your coverage.

Traditional Medicare
Traditional Medicare is a classic pay-for-service system that generally covers doctor fees based on pay scales and formulas for the service. Traditional Medicare has two components Medicare A and Medicare B coverage. Medicare A covers hospital stays and nursing care. Medicare B covers doctor services, tests, some medication and durable medical equipment (DME). Medicare's coverage of DME generally pays 80% with patient responsibility for the remaining 20% (approximately $60-70).  Medicare has slightly different reimbursement rates depending on your state of residence, and final prices can only be determined after the equipment is provided and billed to Medicare. CranioRehab's products are DME and some of them are covered by traditional Medicare, notably the OraStretch Press is covered by traditional Medicare.

Medicare Advantage or Medicare + Choice
Medicare Advantage plans are paid for by the government, but are administered by separate insurance and HMO companies, like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, etc. Each company is allowed to set their own policies concerning coverage, and thus are nearly identical to non-Medicare insurance coverage.