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Product Brochures:  Description, Specifications, Benefits 
CranioRehab Brochure - Overview
Jaw Motion Rehab Systems Overview - OraStretch press, TheraBite, and E-Z Flex II systems

Recovery Products: Liquid Diets and Hot/Cold Therapies

Getting Started Product Usage Guides: Benefits, Usage, Tips
OraStretch® Press - Getting Started for Patients
OraStretch® ROM & MIO Scale Brochure

DynaCleft® Positioning Strips FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

E-Z Flex II TMJ Exerciser - Getting Started for Patients
TheraBite - Getting Started for Patients

Manuals and Instructions:
OraStretch Press - Instruction manual
DynaCleft® Positioning Strips
DynaCleft® Nasal Elevator

Prescription-Order Form:

Prescription-Order Form (PDF) - Need a prescription for a product?  Take this simple one-page form to your doctor or therapist for easy ordering. 

*All downloads are PDFs and open in a new window.