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Tongueometer Device - Bluetooth version for Apple iOS and Android Devices

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Part Number: TM10
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Bluetooth version NOW available for Apple iOS
(All Tongueometer Products have a $16 flat shipping rate)
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The Tongueometer™ oral rehabilitation device is an affordable, at-home device designed to measure and increase tongue strength and endurance.  The Tongueometer allows you to objectively measure and perform tongue strength and endurance exercises.  The Tongueometer can be used in the clinic with the replaceable single-patient oral bulbs; or is affordable enough for at-home use by the patient.

The Tongueometer device is available for:

  • Bluetooth connection to Apple iOS and Android Devices (TM1010), or
  • Direct connection to Android Devices (TM1000).  

The Direct Android device connects to Android phones or tablets (2015 and later).  A compatible Lenovo 7" tablet is available with the device for additional cost.

Using the free Tongueometer Android App patients can measure and exercise their tongue with direct feedback in the app; and therapists can set parameters and track results of their patients.   The Tongueometer device includes a USB-mini cable and 1 Tongueometer bulbs.  The Tongueometer device is also available with a compatible Android 7+” Tablet (Lenovo or Samsung). 

Additional Tongueometer bulbs are available in packs of 3, 5, 10 or 50. 

(All Tongueometer Products have a $16 flat rate shipping cost.)

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