TheraBite Instructions and Protocols

Use the TheraBite daily as directed by your doctor. Your recovery depends on your commitment to rehabilitation and is the only way to assure yourself a full, functional recovery. 

Set Up and Pad Application:
  • Measure your maximum range-of-motion with an included TheraBite scale. 
    • If your opening is 15mm or more, apply the standard pads to the mouthpieces.
    • If you opening is 9-15mm, use the device initially without pads.  Once you have reached 12mm, apply one pad to the top or bottom mouthpiece.
    • If your opening is 6-9mm, do not apply pads, and use only the left or right side of the mouthpieces to begin your therapy. 
    • If your opening is under 6mm, call us at 1-800-206-8381 to discuss your options.  
  • If you have severe arthritis in your hands, use the hand slide on the TheraBite tool. 
    • Squeeze the handles all the way down.
    • Put the hand aid over the top of the handle near the back, and then rotate the hand slide until it wraps around the upper and lower handle. 
    • To use the TheraBite device with the hand aid, hold the TheraBite with one hand at the back by the knob.  Then pull the hand aid forward to squeeze the device and press the mouthpieces open. 
  • Insert the mouthpieces between the teeth. 
  • Squeeze the handle to press the mouthpieces apart.
  • Stretch lightly: Up to a 3 or 4 on a 10 point scale.
  • Stop if you feel sharp pain.

Recommended Usage Protocols:
Dedication is absolutely necessary for your optimal recovery.

The “7-7-7” - TMJ Joint Health and Function
  • Each day - Perform 7 sessions.
  • Each session - Stretch 7 times.
  • Each stretch - Hold for 7 secs, rest for 7 secs.

The “5-5-30” - Trismus and Jaw Stretching
  • Each day - Perform 5 sessions.
  • Each session - Stretch 5 times.
  • Each stretch - Hold for 30 secs, rest for 30 secs.

Muscle strength and spasms
  • Daily or during spasm, one session of 10 “bites”.
  • Insert and open to 15mm.
  • Bite down and hold for 10 seconds, rest 30 secs.


Download a TheraBite Getting Started Brochure. 

Find more information, tips, and updates about the TheraBite device on our blog.