Prescription-Order Forms:  Simple one-page forms to prescribe or order a product for a patient.
Device Prescription-Order Form (PDF) -  Jaw motion rehab systems, OraStretch® press, Salvate™ Hydration, TheraPacer™ jaw mobilization, and DynaCleft® systems. Use this simple one-page form to order and prescribe. Includes doctor details, certificate of medical necessity, and prescription, and patient details and insurance information.

Therapists and other providers (SLP, PT, RNs) can also use this form to order an http OraStretch® press or TheraBite jaw motion rehab system and request we get a prescription from the prescribing doctor.
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Practice & Ordering Guides: Condition and Detailed Product Information for Practical Application
Head & Neck Cancer Radiation Fibrosis & Trismus Practice Guide
OraStretch® press - Practice Guide with Recommended Protocols
TheraBite System - Practice Guide with Recommended Protocols
MIO Tracking Log - Tracking Sheet for Patient ROM

Research and References
Visit for more information on published studies regarding trismus treatment and prevention, head & neck cancer, radiation side-effects, jaw motion rehab systems, and more.

Product Brochures: General Product Information. Additional product information and manuals are available on our Product Download Page.
CranioRehab Brochure - Overview
CranioRehab Rehab and Recovery Products

OraStretch press, TheraBite, and E-Z Flex II Systems:
OraStretch Press Jaw Motion Rehab System:
OraStretch ROM & MIO Scales

DynaCleft® Positioning Strips + Nasal Elevator:

TheraBite System:
Recovery Products:

Patient Brochures: Information to Distribute to Patients
OraStretch Press - Getting Started for Patients
TheraBite System - Getting Started for Patients

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