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The OraStretch press is a jaw motion rehab system. It is a user operated device that opens jaw to stretch the oro-facial tissues and mobilize the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). It is used primarily to prevent and treat trismus and scarring or fibrosis from radiation therapy, surgery, and trauma. On average, 54% of oral and 62-85% of nasal cancer patients will experience trismus from surgical and radiation treatments. The system is also used to treat TMJ disorder and dysfunction. Trismus or jaw hypomobility is the inability to open the mouth.

We also carry two types of scales to measure and track the jaw opening. More information on the OraStretch ROM and MIO Scales.

Downloads For Patients

OraStretch press Product Brochure
General overview of the product with description, and benefits.

Getting Started - OraStretch Press Patient Brochure
Guide to using the OraStretch press with basic recommended protocols and tips.
Oral Opening MIO Tracking Form

OraStretch press Instruction Manual

Progress Tracking Form - Oral Opening

General overview of the product with description, and benefits.

OraStretch Press Ordering Guide
Info on system, device options, versions, parts, and recommended protocols.


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