CUSTOM Printed OraStretch ® Jaw ROM or MIO Scales
OraStretch press® MIO Scales - CR1085 Rotational

CUSTOM Printed OraStretch ® Jaw ROM or MIO Scales

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Scale Type:
CUSTOM - Rotational MIO Scale - 2500 [+$699.00]
CUSTOM - Rotational MIO Scale - 5000 [+$1,299.00]
CUSTOM - Rotational MIO Scale - 10,000 [+$2,399.00]
CUSTOM - Vertical Prong ROM Scale - 2500 [+$841.00]
First Order Set-Up Fee
Design and Layout [+$50.00]
Delivery Packaging
Loose, in card boxes [+$15.00]
Bagged, packs of 50+ [+$40.00]
Bagged, packs of 25 or less [+$75.00]

Scales can measure vertical and lateral motion, and protrusion.
Custom printed OraStretch® Range-of-Motion (ROM) scales with your professional information. These scales disposable paper measuring scales, specifically designed to allow patients and providers to measure the opening, movement and function of the mouth and jaw.

There is an initial set-up fee of $50 for the art and layout of the first order. The scales can be custom printed as a business card on one side.

For more information and ordering, call us at 1-800-206-8381.

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