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OraPlace™ Contracture Prevention Kit

Part Number: CR1810
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The OraPlace Prevention Kit includes one large bar, one large ball, and one large boomerang tool. 

The OraPlace tools can be used for immediate intervention after burns to prevent contractures, including with sedated and ventilated patients in acute care. The tools can be used soon after graft surgery to maintain the graft length. Early intervention can maintain facial pliability and motion to prevent the loss of function. Preventative treatment to the modiolus can also reduce the need for later oral commisure releases.

The 3 shapes include:
  • The Bar Tool - Targets the area above and below the lips, i.e. under the philtrum and the mentolabial junction.
  • The Ball Tool - Targets the deep pockets of the nasal labial fold and smile lines.
  • The Boomerang Tool -Targets the cheeks and mid-line areas along the teeth.
Bar Targets
Ball Targets
Boomerang Targets

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