NutriSqueeze Pouch Recovery Packs - Beta Version
NutriSqueeze™ pouch

NutriSqueeze Pouch Recovery Packs - Beta Version

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Unfortunately, the NutriSqueeze Pouches are OUT-OF-STOCK.   We have received a wealth of feedback on the pouches, and we are working to improve them for a new version to be released in 2013. 

See the NutriSqueeze pouches in action on a patients blog:  A Real Jaw Breaker by Tresa Martindale

The NutriSqueeze pouches are disposable stand-up pouches for easy storage and serving of shakes, purees, and drinks. When cups and straws wont work, NutriSqueeze pouches are easy to use and can be taken anywhere. A great alternative to feeding syringes.

When the pouch is not being squeezed, the flat straw self-closes to stop sucking and prevents leaks and spills.  Using NutriSqueeze pouches can help prevent pain, bleeding and pressure on new cuts or wounds in the mouth.  And you can always use a cleaning solution or rinse for improved oral care and hygiene.

By simplifying the process of feeding, the NutriSqueeze pouches allow you to eat more for better nutrition and hydration, reducing the hassle and anxiety during meals for those on modified liquid and soft diets.  Use them to store foods youve made, or carry blended snacks with you during the day for easy access when youre hungry.

Or try out the NutriSqueeze pouches in our 5-pouch Sample pack for only $7.49. 

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