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MBI™ McCain-Burris Imaging Prop

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For Diagnostic Open-Bite MRI Images

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The MBI™ McCain-Burris Imaging Prop offers three clear ROM options of 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm to STANDARDIZE the request and implementation of open-bite imaging. The MBI Imaging Prop promotes diagnostic MRI images of the joint in both rotation and translation.

Developed in collaboration with Dr. Joseph McCain, DMD FACS and Dr. Briana Burris, DDS, the MBI Imaging Prop simplifies and clarifies open-bite imaging of the temporomandibular joint for technicians and requesting doctors.

3 Targeted Openings for Standardization of Open-Bite Images
  • 20mm, 30mm & 40mm for hinge and slide documentation
  • Simplify imaging requests
  • Clear protocol for imaging techs
  • Designed to reduce risk of overstretching patients
  • Don't waste another $4000 MRI
Available individually (CR5210), 5-packs (CR5210-05) or 20-packs (CR5210-20).