---Hot-Cold Therapy

Basic Head wrap (with Gel Packs)

JawBra Compression Wrap (with Gel Packs)

CryoJaw TMJ & Face Cooler System
Wrap Material Knit Soft spandex material Soft spandex material
Hot/Cold for Pain and Swelling Relief Yes by gel packs Yes by gel packs Yes by pumping cold or hot water through pads
Hot/Cold Delivery 2 sets of gel packs (4 total) 2 sets of gel packs 2 pads with water pumped through them from cooler.
Compression to Help  Reduce Swelling No Yes by JawBra Yes by JawBra
Duration of heat/cold therapy 15-30 mins, then switch packs 15-30 mins, then switch packs 4-6 hours
Free Shipping (Rush delivery extra) Yes Yes No.  Select your shipping for your surgery schedule.
Recommended for: Mild jaw trauma, long term heat therapy, arthritis in jaw. Wisdom tooth (3rd molar) removal, jaw and facial surgeries. long term TMJ therapy and pain relief. Major orthognathic surgeries, TMJ surgeries, long term swelling and pain relief.
 $249.99 plus shipping.
For more information, please visit our info page on using hot/cold therapies.
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