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CryoJaw™ Cooler System with Pad and Wrap for the TMJ and Face
Hot/Cold Facial Cooler System

CryoJaw™ Cooler System with Pad and Wrap for the TMJ and Face

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Continuous compression therapy for the TMJ, Jaw, and Face after orthognathic, plastic and joint surgeries; and trauma..
Part Number: CR2000
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Ordering Process:
1. Order the system to be shipped to you before your surgery.
2. Read the directions, and take the system with you to the hospital or doctors office.
3. Apply and use the system to manage the pain and swelling for up to 2 weeks.

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The CranioRehab CryoJaw Cooler System uses compression and thermal therapy for reduced swelling and pain of the TMJ, jaw and face.

The system includes a pumping cooler, facial pad, and compressive wrap. Simply add ice and water to the cooler to enjoy hours of continuous relief from pain and swelling for recovery from surgery or chronic pain. 

Regular ice packs should only be used for 30 minutes at a time. The CryoJaw Cooler system uses the Polar Cube cooler and compressive jaw wrap for continuous pain and swelling relief.

Don’t spend your recovery changing ice packs.

After you have recovered, you can keep the cooler and pad for future needs. The cooler works with a variety of pads.  You can order pads for the knee, shoulder, back, and more at AspenGoldMedical.com/CubePads 

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