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Wired Jaw Kit
Wired Jaw Kit

Wired Jaw Diet & Emergency Kit

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A kit of products for patients facing a prolonged period wired shut.
Part Number: CR6103
Availability: In Stock
NOTE: Syringes are out-of-stock and being replaced with a 8oz NutriSqueeze™ Thicks bottle

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A basic, starter pack to help you get through the weeks with a wired jaw. The pack includes 3 feeding syringes, two 8oz squeeze bottles, a 16oz squeeze bottle, and a 5" mini wire cutter for safety.

The squeeze bottles can hold and store liquids and fine pureed smoothies.

Just wired shut, or getting wired soon? This is the perfect pack to help you stay hydrated and fed as you transition to a soft or liquid diet.

Save 20% off buying each separately.

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