After wisdom tooth extractions or several molars removed at one time, you will often receive a a list of things to do with several rules for better healing. One is to NOT use a straw when drinking.  Instead, you should drink directly from a glass or a cup.

But why?  After they pull the teeth, a fibrous blood clot will form in the socket site which keeps the exposed bone covered from air and bacteria, and facilitates quicker healing.  If the clot breaks down from bacteria or is sucked out, a dry socket will form which is extremely painful.  Extremely PAINFUL!   Dry socket requires the doctor to put a dressing over the socket to cover the exposed bone and nerves, and then frequent return visits to change the dressing.

If after these types of procedures you have difficulty drinking or getting in nutritious foods you may find that a NutriSqueeze Bottle with a straw that extends to the bottom of the bottle is just the right tool for the job. You can put liquid, puree or smoothie type consistency foods into these bottles and  simply squeeze the bottle to deposit the drink or food in a place in your mouth where you can move it around to be swallowed.

Find out more about our feeding options like the NutriSqueeze Bottles.

Look here for cold therapy and gel packs to help your wisdom tooth, oral, orthognathic, or TMJ surgery recovery.  


Charli Smith

Date 11/28/2019

Charli Smith

Date 12/4/2019


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