The TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System includes the TheraBite appliance, a thumb screw, C-clip, TheraBite range-of-motion (ROM) scales, TheraBite instruction manual, and carrying case.

The TheraBite device consists of:
A: Fine adjustment knob thumb screw.
B: Top squeeze handle with 5 limit holes
C: Millimeter set pin.
D: Millimeter set arm, which attaches to the top squeeze handle
     by sliding the set pin into one of the 5 holes
E and F: Upper and Lower Bite Plates. These are where you would rest
     your upper and lower teeth.
G: TheraBite body and lower handle.

There are two versions of the TheraBite. The standard device has a wider mouthpiece and fits patients over 10 years-old.  The pediatric appliance is for children and has a smaller mouthpiece for patients under 10 years-old, and can be used in babies and infants. 

Crescent shaped pads for the upper and lower mouthpieces are provided with the TheraBite system.  One side of the pad is sticky for application to the mouthpiece.  The pad cushions you teeth and creates a guide to place your teeth when using the TheraBite device.  To apply a pad, remove the backing from the pad and stick the pad to the crescent shaped mouthpieces on the sides that your teeth will contact.

When you look at the TheraBite you will notice there is a Milliliter Set Pin/Arm, this arm has 5 holes and can adjust the opening of the TheraBite from 25 mm. to 45 mm., by removing the set pin and sliding the arm to another hole higher or lower on the arm. This is used to restrict your opening so you don't over stretch your joints or muscles. Generally your Doctor or Therapist will advise you on where to place the set pin/ arm adjustment.

The arthritis slide C-Clip is shown in Photo 3. It is placed over the handle when the top squeeze handle (B) is fully depressed into the body of the TheraBite. It slides along the entire TheraBite to open and close the TheraBite without having to squeeze the handles  This attachment is used when it is painful or difficult to squeeze the handle normally, e.g. arthritic patients. 

The above photos shows a TheraBite Scale.  On the left, it is used to measure your intraoral opening or range-of-motion (ROM).  On the right, the user is measuring their lateral range.  .

To use a TheraBite scale, place the notch on the bottom of the scale is placed between your lower two front teeth, your incisor teeth. The top part of the scale will be scored by your upper teeth with your mouth is fully open. Where the tip of your incisor touched the scale is your intraoral opening.

A patient is shown using the TheraBite to Stretch her mouth, jaw, face and temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

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