All post operative issues should be handled quickly, and preferably by your Surgeon  You always want a commitment from your surgeon that you will get prompt access to him or herself or a credible staff member should an emergency arise.

Three Must Knows for Post-Op Readiness 

You should always try to contact your surgeon before consulting the internet. There are many well meaning individuals out there, but only your surgeon knows what is right for you.
  1. All Surgeons have answering services, that should contact the doctor. If you call and get no response, CALL back! Don"t be afraid to be persistent.  If, after two call you don't get a response ask to speak to someone else from the practice.
  2. ALWAYS remember you could have a serious problem. Evaluate your condition and call 911 or go to the emergency room if you have a fever above 101.5 F degrees, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, or if your pain medication prescribed does not help the pain. Give the emergency room staff your doctors information and phone number so they can reach him. He may have important information to help them help you.
  3. The best way to ensure a successful post operative recovery is to know the protocol on how to reach your Surgeon after surgery.  His or her cell phone number!
Many surgeons will call their patients the night of surgery to check on them and to see if they have any questions.  What's your doctor's plans?  And get the surgeons cell phone number to send for quick or important questions is always a good choice.

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