Trismus Therapy and Treatment Options

Depending on the cause of trismus, treatment may include pain management with medication, muscle relaxants, and warm compresses as well as physical therapy and jaw motion rehab systems. 

Exercise therapy has been found to decrease both the incidence and severity of trismus. Jaw motion rehab systems such as the OraStretch® press are the most efficacious. 


A jaw motion rehab system that helps prevent and treat trismus. It is a handheld, patient controlled device with documented efficacy. It comes in 3 different sizes (standard, pediatric, edentulous) and opens to the average adult opening of 50 mm.  

For protocols, please visit OraStretch Press Therapy Protocols

OraStretch press 

Dynamic Bands

The silicon bands are used for dynamic stretching and active resistance therapy. Great for overcoming therapy plateaus and non-progression as well as bite muscle training.