Tongue Blade Therapy

The old-fashioned, and out-of-date treatment for trismus was the gradual stacking of popsicle sticks or tongue blades between the teeth and then gradually sliding additional blades into the mouth to push the mouth open.  However, this method is flawed and does not provide the gradual stretching patients need to increase their range-of-motion.

In a study comparing the effectiveness of tongue blades to other stretching methods, the tongue blades were shown to be no different from simple self-stretching.  Jaw motion rehab devices, like the The OraStretch® press, are significantly more effective at increasing jaw ROM than self exercise and tongue blades.

In addition, tongue blades do not allow for easy gradual increase in range, demanding incremental increases for each blade.  Tongue blades also place a significant amount of pressure on one or two teeth, and push those teeth back an forth as they users inserts and removes tongue blades, which can lead to dental instability in patient's who are often already have or are susceptible to a weak dentition.