The study “Full thickness facial burns: Outcomes following orofacial rehabilitation” (2015) examines the impact of orofacial rehabilitation on full thickness orofacial burn, specifically looking at mouth opening range vertically and horizontally. Results indicated that rehabilitation had a positive effect on patients' opening range.  

The study compared 12 patients to 120 controls, with the 12 patients provided a stretching regime within 48 hours of admission continuing until wounds had healed, scars had stabilized and functional goals were met if possible with no regression over the following 3 months.

Two Years! Rehabilitation took an average of 550 days with more than half of the patients requiring more than 2 years. Patients did exercises and mouth splinting with the Free Access II Cheek Retractor. 9 participants required additional assisted vertical mouth stretching with a jaw motion rehab device including either the OraStretch press or the TheraBite device.  

Compared to the control group, participants with orofacial burns had significantly reduced vertical and horizontal mouth opening. After rehabilitation, they demonstrated significant positive gains although still outside of normal range. However, the majority of patients did meet their functional oral goals as per the patient interview.  

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To read the full study click this link:

Clayton, N.A., Ward, E.C., Maitz, P.K.M (2015, April 4). Full thickness facial burns: Outcomes following orofacial rehabilitation. Burns. 41(7), 1599-1606.


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Date 2/9/2023

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