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Salvate Home Hydration System
Salvate Home Hydration System

Salvate™ Oral Hydration System

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Sleep through the night. Work through the day.™
Trial Offer: Try the device for 60-days, for $149.00.
The Salvate™ Home Oral Hydration System is a new therapy solution for patients suffering from extreme dry mouth caused
by radiation therapy, medication or Sjogen’s syndrome. The Salvate system works as an external salivary gland to maintain
fluid in the mouth and prevent xerostomia (dry mouth) for better sleep and reduced oral discomfort. The Salvate system requires
a prescription from a medical provider that the system is medically appropriate and not contraindicated.  See below for more details.

Sleep through the night.  Work through the day.

The system is simple to use and provides continuous comfort from dry mouth, day and night. With the Salvate device, there
will be no more restless nights of waking up to sip water, or painful mornings with cracked or bleeding dry mouth. You can
also use the device while watching TV or working on the computer to avoid the distraction and inconvenience of constantly
sipping water. The unit also allows the user to immediately pump additional fluid by simply pressing the Surge button.

$149 Trial offer:  After you purchase the device, try it for 60 days--It can take a little bit to get use to the mouthpieces and
figure out the right settings.  If you are not satisfied, return the Salvate system and we will refund you $250.00.

The Salvate Home Oral Hydration System includes:
  • The Salvate home unit
  • 5 foam mouthpieces
  • Reservoir water bottle and tubing
  • Instruction manual
The Salvate Home Oral Hydration System works by pumping small amounts of liquid into the mouth at user-set intervals.
The system draws water from an attached bottle and pumps it to a foam mouthpiece placed in the cheek or under the tongue.
The foam holds the tubing in place and stores liquid that the user can squeeze out when needed.

The Salvate system provides timed pumping of water to the mouth and may be an aspiration risk. Patients at high risk for aspiration should be evaluated before and during use.
Contraindications: Pulmonary disease, recurring pneumonia, severe dysphagia, severe aspiration, limited cognitive ability.

Due to patient risk, the Salvate system requires a prescription from a medical provider, that the system is medically appropriate and not contraindicated.  
Providers:  Order via our online system here.  Or      Download our Rx-Order form here. 

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