Salvate™ Oral Mist Bottle - 1 oz  (Pack of 3)

Salvate™ Oral Mist Bottle - 1 oz (Pack of 3)

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Easy to use, the Salvate Oral Mist bottles provide you with a convenient and simple way to keep your mouth hydrated and meet your daily xerostomia needs. Included in this pack are 3 of the smallest size bottles (1 oz).

The Salvate Oral Mist bottles are also available in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. The three sizes allow you to keep bottles where they are most convenient whether in your pocket, purse or by your bedside table. 

Order them by size, or in a handy kit, including: 
-The Travel Kit - two 1 oz bottles & one 4 oz bottle. 
-The Trial Kit - one 8 oz bottle, one 4 oz bottle & one 1 oz bottle. 
-The Home Kit - one 8 oz bottle, two 4 oz bottles & one 1 oz bottle. 

 To use: Fill with water and spray in your mouth as needed to keep your oral mucosa hydrated.

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