Saliva and Xerostomia 

What is saliva?

Saliva is a lubricating fluid composed of water (99%), electrolytes and organic components. Healthy individuals produce .5-1.5 liters/daily.

Why is saliva important?

Saliva lubricates food and aids in speech production. It begins digestion, modulates oral pH, prevents infections and cleans the mouth. 

Saliva vs. Xerostomia?

Subjective: Feeling of dry mouth.

Objective: Reduced to no production of saliva (Salivary gland hypofunction (SGH))altered consistency 

and/or pH of saliva. The relationship between subjective dry mouth and SGH is complex!


"Xerostomia or dry mouth is the most common and prominent symptom complication during and after HNC radiotherapy...Approximately 70% of patients receiving HNC radiotherapy develop hyposalivation with significant alteration in volume, consistency and pH of secreted salivaG.C. Jaguar, et al.

What are the causes of xerostomia?    

Xerostomia may be medication induced, due to increasing age, related health issues and systemic conditions (autoimmune disease). Head & neck cancer patients receiving chemotherapy often develop acute xerostomia that resolves. For patients receiving radiation - xerostomia is often chronic.

        Head and Neck Cancer

Severe XEROSTOMIA Relief

The Salvate™ Home Hydration System

~   New therapy solution for dry mouth caused by radiation therapy, medication or Sjogen's syndrome.

~   Works as an external salivary gland to maintain fluid in the mouth preventing xerostomia.

~   Provides continuous comfort from dry mouth, day and night. 

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