Preparation Advice from the Tooth Fairy for after your wisdom tooth or third molar Extraction.
  • The most important thing to do after wisdom tooth extraction is to ICE, Ice, ice...don't be lazy!!  Just do it!! (Try our cold compression wraps with gel packs or, even better, a jaw cooler systems.)
  • The next most important thing to do:  ICE...
  • Do NOT use a straw!!!   I know you like them, but suction caused by using a straw disrupts the formation of a clot in the tooth socket,  IE:  A dry socket!!!  Pain... Pain ... Pain..
  • Stay healthy and keep up your nutrition.  Prepare nutrient rich smoothies.  Your body needs to heal so nutrient filled smoothies are important, since a straw is taboo!!  Find shake and smoothie recipes here.
  • NutriSqueeze bottles deliver your delicious easy to swallow smoothie in the best place for you to enjoy and swallow with out the need to suck.
  • If you begin to experience pain that your pain medication will not relieve, call your Oral Surgeon, and advise him of your symptoms. He may want to schedule an appointment to see you to make sure you are healing well.
  • Remind your Tooth fairy that Wisdom Teeth are worth $ 50.00 each under your pillow.
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