Radiation Fibrosis - Development and Impact in HNC Patients


What is radiation fibrosis? 

Radiation, commonly used in the treatment of head and neck cancer, may negatively affect healthy cells by increasing the production of the protein, fibrin. Fibrin accumulates and causes progressive damage in the treatment field by impacting soft tissues including skin, connective tissue, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. It may lead to the development of trismus, or limited mouth opening.  

How does trismus impact health and quality of life? 

Trismus affects patients negatively by making it difficult to speak, eat, maintain good oral hygiene, receive dental procedures and it even has the potential to complicate intubation.

New Research Reinforces Prevalence of Trismus in HNC Patients up to 10 years Post Treatment (link)

What is the incidence of trismus in HNC patients?    

In patients that receive radiation treatments, approximately 30% will develop trismus. If the treatment field includes the pterygoid or masseter muscles incidence rises to above 80%. Loss of maximal interincisal opening (MIO) is continual and progressive in these patients. Therapeutic exercises will need to continue for the rest of the patient's life!  

THE GOOD NEWS! Trismus is preventable and treatable.  

Exercise therapy and treatment decreases both the incidence and severity of trismus. Jaw motion rehab systems such as the OraStretch® press provide the most efficacious therapy.

The OraStretch® Press Jaw Motion Rehab System  

- Provides passive motion to treat and prevent trismus and joint dysfunction.

Prevents trismus by stretching to the 50mm adult average.  

- OraStretch press dynamic bands work with the OraStretch press device to provide dynamic stretching and active resistance therapy.  

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