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OraStretch® Dynamic Bands
OraStretch® Dynamic Bands

OraStretch Press Power Band Pack - Dynamic Stretching

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Silicon bands for dynamic stretching or active resistance therapy with the OraStretch press.
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The OraStretch® press power bands work with the OraStretch press device to provide dynamic stretching or active resistance therapy. Made of silicon, they do not lose tension over time or with use. 

Each pack comes with 3 bands.  You can increase or decrease the number of bands used for more or less stretching and resistance.  To use the bands, add one or more bands to the handle of the OraStretch press behind the finger rest.  The farther back the band is the more resistance created, and the more bands on the handle, the more resistance.  Start with one and add bands over time to test what resistance you require.

The OraStretch Press Rehab System is a hand operated device that provides a simple option for jaw hypomobility and dysfunction. The OraStretch press successfully alleviates trismus from cancer, trauma, TMJD, facial burns, and stroke.

Suggested Start-Up Protocol:
  • Squeeze the handles together, and place 1 band on the back of the OraStretch press handles. 
  • Squeeze the mouthpieces together and insert them into the mouth against the teeth.  Let go of the mouthpieces with your hands, and allow the power bands to hold the OraStretch press in your mouth for 5 minutes.
  • Squeeze the mouthpieces together and remove from the mouth.  Add a second band to the back of the OraStretch press, and repeat a 5 minute hold in the mouth.  Remove. 
  • Try to build up to 3 bands on the OraStretch press handles, and to an overall time of 30 minutes of stretching each session. 
  • Repeat each session 3 times per day. 
Suggested therapy protocol:
  • Place 2-3 bands on the back of the OraStretch press handles.
  • Insert the OraStretch press with power bands into the mouth.  Hold for 30 minutes.  Remove.
  • Repeat 3 times per day, for a total of 90 minutes dynamic stretching of the jaw. 
Looking for more information or downloads on the OraStretch press:
brochures, prescription/order forms, practice guides, manuals, and recommended protocols.

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