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OraStretch® Press EXTENDED Clip-on Biteplate

Clip on to extend the OraStretch press standard device for an alternative fit
Part Number: CR1007
Availability: Ships in 5-7 days.
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HCPCS (CPT) Code: E1700
Standard Version for Adults and Children over 10-years-old. (48mm across.)
Edentulous Version for patients with dentures or missing teeth.
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The OraStretch Press Rehab System is a hand operated device that provides a simple option for jaw hypomobility and dysfunction. The OraStretch press successfully alleviates trismus from cancer, trauma, TMJD, facial burns, and stroke.

The extended version is for patients with severe under- or over-jets that prevent a good fit on the standard OraStretch press mouthpieces.  The extended OraStretch press has a 1/4" extended mouthpiece to better fit and mobilize your jaw and mouth.

Available in Standard (Adult) OraStretch press, Pediatric OraStretch press and Extended OraStretch press Versions; and we have edentulous pad for patients with dentures on the Standard version.

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