OraStretch Press Therapy Protocols

Various protocols are utilized with the OraStretch press. 

*Patients should aim for a light stretch. A "3" or "4" on a scale of 1 to 10. It should not cause sharp pain.
*Overstretching may lead to muscle spasms or tears of the tissue further inhibiting rehab and function.
*All protocols are for guidance only. Use of the OraStretch press should be under the direction of a medical professional. See instruction manual for more information including warnings and cautions.
Indications: Radiation fibrosis, Cancer, TMJD, Clenching/Grinding, Surgical Rehabilitation, Trauma, Trismus, Arthritis, Scleroderma, Stroke, Burns.

Contraindications: Mandible of maxilla bone fracture, Bone weaknesses or infections, Osteomyelitis, or Osteonecrosis of the jaw.


The 5-5-30 Five stretching sessions each day, five stretches per session, thirty second hold with each stretch
Head and Neck Cancer Radiation Fibrosis - best for radiation trismus, fibrosis and scarring. 
Joint Rehabilitation and Dysfunction 
The 7-7-7 Seven stretching sessions each day. seven stretches per session, seven second hold with each stretch.
The 3-5 Three times a day, spend five minutes opening and closing continuously. 
Best for TMJ disorder, arthritis, post-surgical rehab.

Muscle Spasms and Strength Training
Daily session (only 1 session) of 10 "bites" or to be used during a spasm. Insert and open to 15mm. Bite down and hold for 10 seconds.
Best for muscles spasms, increasing bite strength.

OraStretch Press Dynamic Band Protocol
Dyanmic Bands Add one band to the hand of the OraStretch press behind the finger rest. The farther back the band sits, the more resistance created. The more bands on the handle, the more resistance. Start with one and add bands over time to test what resistance you require. 
Best for dynamic stretching or active resistance therapy. The silicone bands are helpful in overcoming therapy plateaus and non-progression as well as bite muscle training. 

Trismus Therapy Plateau Protocol
CRAC 5-5-30 Five stretching sessions each day. During the first 4 stretching sessions, do five stretches per session, thirty second hold with each stretch. On fifth session, partially open the mouth with the device and bite down against the mouthpieces for 20 seconds. Then, open mouth wide on own for 20 seconds. Relax. Stretch with the device for 20 seconds. Relax for 60 seconds. Repeat from beginning 2 more times.
Best for aggressive rehab of severe trismus. For strength training and control. Not recommended for children. Recommended only under supervision of a therapist or physician.