We received a really nice call and email testimonial about our service and the OraStretch press from Dave Y.  Dave was treated for cancer 17 years ago, and had been using the TheraBite for trimus therapy.  He needed a replacement device and to save money switched to the OraStretch press. 

Now after using it for 4 months, Dave says he really likes the OraStretch press because its smaller and easier to use than the TheraBite.  He also wrote us an email (below) to commend our billing staff as being "kind and empathizing with the customer" in helping him find pads that would better fit him and prevent the continual dental work he kept needing from usage.

Thanks Dave!  

To: Support @ Craniorehab.com
From: Dave Y
Subject: New Order CR-XXXXX

Dear Sir or Madam:
I would like to commend your two employees; Marie in Ordering and Jessica in Order Processing. During my recent order CR-13678 they made it "easy" to do business with CranioRehab. Marie quickly found that I've been a customer since 2010 and guided me through the process of getting an Orastretch Press and bite pads that met my unique needs (my old Therabite bite pads were often breaking my fillings in my teeth). The device and soft bite pads work great.

With the medical products that you handle your customers often have conditions that turn something as simple as an order into a real challenge. Both Marie and Jessica are kind and empathize with your customer to find a solution that meets their needs. Before retiring I served customers and would "hire them away from you" as it is difficult to find people like Marie and Jessica.
Thank you again for your help.

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