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OraStretch press™ Press System
OraStretch press™ Press System

OraStretch Press System Sales Kit

Sales Kit for the OraStretch press
Part Number: CR1019
Availability: In Stock
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The OraStretch® press Press Rehab System Sales Kit includes:
  • Standard OraStretch Press - Demonstration Device
    • 1/2 Standard Pad & 1/2 Edentulous Pad  (Shows both pad options and how patients can cut them to fit their teeth.)
  • Pediatric OraStretch Press - Demonstration Device
  • Extended OraStretch Press - Demonstration Device
    • Power Bands
    • Safety Limit Screw
  • Demonstration Patient Bag (Includes all components provided to a patient with the device.)
    • Patient Carrying Case
    • Power Band Kit
    • OraStretch press Instruction Manual IFU
    • Safety Limit Screw
    • Demo Pad Kit
  • Plastic patient MIO scale - 2 Demonstration scales
  • OraStretch ROM Scales - 50 pack for samples
  • OraStretch MIO Scales - 50 Pack for samples
  • Demonstration Sales Kit Overview & Components Card

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