OraStretch® Press Free Bitepads

4/20/2011 by Sales and Service

Offer: Free Bitepads in the first year for the initial user of an OraStretch® press. US sales only.

Details: For the first year after purchase, we offer up to 12 packs of bitepads for the OraStretch® press free of charge for users who purchased the OraStretch® press through CranioRehab.com or registered their purchase with us. Each pack includes 4 pads, and a user must call or order through our website for each pack. Only one pack will be sent with each order, and additional packs must be ordered separately after 14 days from a previous pack order. Currently, free domestic shipping is included, however this is subject change.  This policy is subject to change, and we will do our best to respect and grandfather the policy in effect for users based on their purchase date or other agreement.

International Customers
: For international deliveries, we will provide up to 4 packs per order, but the international shipping must be paid by the user.

Users who purchased the OraStretch® press prior to 4/1/11 are limited to one pack per month, with no limit on total packs.