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OraStretch® Press System
OraStretch® Press System

OraStretch Parallel Press System - Standard

Your Price: $498.00
Easy to use. Treats trismus from cancer, trauma, TMJD, facial burns, and stroke.
Part Number: CR1030
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HCPCS (CPT) Code: E1700
Standard Version for Adults and Children over 10-years-old.
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The OraStretch® Press Rehab System is a hand operated device that provides easy home therapy and stretching for limited jaw opening, trismus, and dysfunction. The OraStretch press successfully prevents and treats trismus from cancer, trauma, TMJD, facial burns, and stroke. Click here for for international ordering (non-US) of the OraStretch press device.

The OraStretch press is available in 3 sizes:
The OraStretch press retails for $498.00, however your actual cost can vary widely based on insurance coverage, deductibles, coinsurance, and other issues. We do provide Medicare and insurance billing for the OraStretch press. We also have discounts for no-coverage, Medicaid, and more. Please call us for more information about pricing and ordering.

Looking for more information or downloads on the OraStretch press:
brochures, prescription/order forms, practice guides, manuals, and recommended protocols.

The OraStretch press jaw motion rehab system is a handheld unit designed to stretch a user's jaw to treat trismus, dysfunction and hypomobility. The device uses passive motion to stretch the user's jaw, joint and facial tissues for increased mobility, flexibility, and function.

The OraStretch press device provides a curved, anatomically correct stretch for patients to treat or rehabilitate their jaw and temporomandibular joint. The OraStretch press can be used for stretching, passive motion, and muscle strengthening. By utilizing the OraStretch press, a user can increase their range-of-motion, improve their jaw and joint function, and reduce swelling and pain.

With continual and diligent use of the OraStretch press, a typical patient can gain 1-2 mm per week in overall range of motion, with short-term gains of 1-4 mm immediately after stretching sessions. Use the OraStretch press daily as directed by your doctor. Your recovery depends on your commitment to rehabilitation and is the only way to assure yourself a full, functional recovery.

The standard and pediatric versions come with bitepads that are 1/8" thick and stiff. These foam pads work to hold the user's teeth in place while they are using the device. We also have edentulous pads for patients with dentures on the Standard version which can be directly used on the soft tissues of the mouth.

Compared to other jaw motion rehab systems, the OraStretch press, opens 20% wider, is about 50% smaller and lighter.

Service Offers: See the details for the free size exchanges, and product warranty on our Offers and Details page.

  • Maximizes your jaw range-of-motion
  • Nourishes joint tissues
  • Prevents stiffness and scar tissue
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Improves jaw function
  • Speeds your recovery
  • Develops jaw muscle strength


"Hi CranioRehab gang-

I want to let you know that I saw my patient today, and he has increased his jaw ROM 10 mm since he got his OrasStretch press! He is very pleased with his progress and with the device, and I really appreciate you making that available to him. Thank you!"


"The OraStretch press has increased my opening by over 30%. I'm still working to stretch to get some dental work done, but I'm very pleased with it."

Patricia P.

"Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) also froze my jaw! It got so bad I could not open my mouth more than a quarter inch. I was desperate for help. After tons of research I was able to find this "Miracle" device, the OraStretch Press Jaw Motion Rehab System ! My doctor wrote me a prescription for the device and I sent it to these folks. They got my insurance to cover it!

I began using it and within two weeks I had nearly full range of motion back in my jaw! To date my jaw works very well and opens fully with no pain! The folks at this company have called me several times just to follow up. Wonderful customer service. I just can't say enough good things about these folks!"

Steven F.

"My daughter began using the OraStretch press approximately two weeks ago. The therapist is using it 5 times a day during the week.

She has experienced amazing results. Her initial opening measurement was 9 mm, and it is now measuring 21 cm. She is stunned at the improvement. Her speech therapist is also excited, as she had never before been exposed to the OraStretch press. She had stated that she will recommend it to other stroke patients, as the improvement is outstanding.

Just wanted to let your company know that the results are outstanding. My daughter and I, as well as the rehab facility, are really excited with the improvement shown by this device."

Charles B.

Sample Protocols*

The 7-7-7:

  • Perform 7 sessions each day
  • Stretch 7 times each session
  • Hold each stretch for 7 seconds

The 5-5-30:

  • Perform 5 sessions each day
  • Stretch 5 times each session
  • Hold each stretch for 30 seconds

*These are examples only. Users should consult with a medical professional for protocols specific to their conditions.

Indications: Arthritis, Arthroscopy, Arthro-fibrosis, Disuse Atrophy, Joint Replacement, Facial Muscle Disorders, Meniscectomy, Radiation Therapy, Reconstructive Surgery, TMJ/TMD, Trauma, Trismus

Contraindications: Mandible or Maxilla bone fracture (upper and lower jaw); and other bone weaknesses, bone infections, osteomyelitis, and osteocradionecrosis of the jaw.

The OraStretch press is clinically proven as more effective than self-exercises and tongue depressors. The press is easy to use and portable, allowing patients to perform their necessary therapy while continuing in their daily life. The OraStretch press has been used by thousands of patients suffering from trismus and jaw dysfunction, and may be able to help you.

The OraStretch press includes the OraStretch press device, a patient log, a safety limit knob, foam bite pads, and measuring scales, all easily carried in the travel bag. The OraStretch press device itself includes the safety limit adjustment knob, which allows the patient and doctor to control the therapy and prevent overstretching. The OraStretch press device mouthpieces are softened by foam pads and spread the force of the stretch across the users teeth. Special pads are also available for edentulous patients.

The OraStretch press has been studied and successfully tested in clinical trials of post-surgical and post-radiation trismus, TMJ disorders, and traumas. Recent studies also indicate efficacy for treatment of orofacial pain and non-surgical TMJ conditions.

The OraStretch press foam pads and the Range-of-Motion scales can also be purchases separately without prescription. The OraStretch press should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional. Please see the Instruction Manual for more information, warnings, and usage instructions.

Insurance Coverage:

Pricing and costs are determined by a variety of factors, including your insurance policy, benefits and coverage. Please call us to discuss your benefits and the cost for these products. 1-800-206-8381

Private and Employer Insurance Companies (Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Human, United Healthcare, UHC, etc.)

The OraStretch® press is covered by some, but not all private insurance based on the individuals plan. We will work with you, your doctor and your insurance company to get the system covered. Visit our Insurance Page or contact us for more information this process. The OraStretch® press system has better coverage for Cancer and Post-Radiation patients.

Traditional or Original Medicare with Part B Coverage

The OraStretch® press is covered by Part B of traditional Medicare. 80% of the cost is covered by Medicare, and the Medicare enrollee is responsible for the remaining 20%.

Medicare Advantage (Medicare + Choice) Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are generally administered like private insurance policies, and OraStretch® press coverage is thus determined by the individual plan.

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