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Have an issue at any time?  Contact us first to discover your warranty options.  The OraStretch press is covered by a 5-year limited lifetime warranty.  CranioMandibular Rehab, Inc. will provide a replacement for the OraStretch press to the original user of the device, should the device fail for any reason. for the original owner of the device as long as replacement devices are available. CranioRehab will repair or replace, free of charge, covered equipment that is under warranty.  The owner’s manual with warranty information is included with the product. CranioRehab does not warranty any issues caused by patient abuse, loss, or neglect.  This policy covers the device for all normal wear and tear from use of the device. This policy does not include coverage for lost, accidentally broken devices, or repeated misuse; we do have a highly discounted rate for these occurrences. This policy is subject to change at any time.