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OraPlace™ Contracture Treatment Kit

Part Number: CR1800
Availability: Out of Stock
Available Fall 2023
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The OraPlace Treatment Kit includes one large, one medium and one small tool of the bar, ball and boomerang tools (9 total). 

After facial contractures, the OraPlace tools can be used to stretch and lengthen facial muscles and skin for increased tissue pliability and end-rage movement. The unique shapes of the tools allow for treatment to the specific locations of the contractures around the face. Increasing the size of the tools over time provides low load prolonged stretching (LLPS) for tissue expansion and increased pliability of the face and mouth.

The 3 shapes include:
  • The Bar Tool - Targets the area above and below the lips, i.e. under the philtrum and the mentolabial junction.
  • The Ball Tool - Targets the deep pockets of the nasal labial fold and smile lines.
  • The Boomerang Tool -Targets the cheeks and mid-line areas along the teeth.
Bar Targets
Ball Targets
Boomerang Targets

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