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NutriSqueeze Liquid Bottle - 8oz Squeeze bottle with straw for fluids.

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Easy to eat a liquid diet, with a wired jaw, or limited opening.
Part Number: CR6018
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Latex Free, Silicone Free, BPA Free, Phthalates Free, DEHP Free
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For patients on a liquid diet or wired shut, these bottles are perfect. They have a wide mouth at the top for easy filling, and the curved straw at the top that propels any liquid exactly where it needs to go. Great for maintaining hydration and nutrition, these bottles improve dietary access and delivery for the patient. Polypropylene screw closure and stem feature one-piece construction to ensure a leak proof seal. Tip can be cut back to increase flow.

NutriSqueeze Thick Bottles also available in 16oz size; and for shakes, purees or purees see the 8oz NutriSqueeze Thick bottle and the 16oz NutriSqueeze Thick bottles.  Or get a discount pack for recovery from double jaw and oral surgeries, jaw-wiring, or facial trauma in our Recovery Kits. 

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