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Bottles with Vinyl Labels
Bottles with Vinyl Labels

NutriSqueeze Bottle - CUSTOM Printing

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Customize a NutriSqueeze™ bottle with your logo and info.
Part Number: CR6029
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Latex Free, Silicone Free, BPA Free, Phthalates Free, DEHP Free

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The NutriSqueeze™ bottles come in 3 sizes and 3 straw types. Customized bottles are grouped in sets of 25.  Your customized logo will appear on a white or clear vinyl label on the bottles. Custom Bottles Options:

Bottle Types
 Straw Types
4oz bottle - 1"x 2" label
 Hard Liquid Straw - 1/4" PP with curved end for liquids
8oz bottle - 2"x 2.5" label
 Soft Thin Straw - 1/8" very soft silicone for liquids
16oz bottle - 2.5"x 3" label      
 Soft Thick Straw - 3/8" soft silicone for purees, smoothies and thicks. 

To order select the bottle size and straw type from the options, and upload a logo file and details you would like on the bottle. We will contact you with proofs of the printed labels for your approval before printing.

Bottles are squeezable LDPE (low density polyethelene). The lids are made from PP (polypropylene).  Hard, liquid straws are made from PP, and are silicone free.  The soft straws are silicone.  Contact us if you would like a silicone free soft straw option.  All bottles are free of Latex, BPA (Bisphenol A), and phthalates including DEHP.

Due to medical device regulations, all bottles will have the NutriSqueeze™ logo and product details stenciled on the back of the bottle. 

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