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Most of our items do not require a prescription to be ordered, however for insurance reimbursement a prescription is necessary for billing.   Some of our items cannot be billed to insurance, including our NutriSqueeze™ bottles, CryoJaw cooler products, and Salvate™ xerostomia products.  To order them, please click or search for them and you can order directly from our website.   

Products like the OraStretch press, TheraBite system, and TheraPacer device can be billed to insurance.  If you need one of these devices and do not have a prescriptions, please call us at 1-800-206-8381 or please fill out the following form to get started.

After we receive the form, we will contact your doctor for a copy of the prescription, contact your insurance to determine benefits and coverage, and contact you to discuss you benefits and ordering.

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